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Birth, just like lovemaking, is a sexual process. If you can go with your labor instead of fighting it, the experience can be fulfilling in a strangely pleasurable way. Prepare the way to this through body awareness and relaxation.


– “The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth” by Sheila Kitzinger

Why Take A Hypnobabies Class?


Pregnant women from all walks of life are checking out Hypnobabies classes! Read further to see if you fall into one of these categories . . .


New Mom Jitters

The first type of pregnant mom is terrified of giving birth to an 8-10 lb baby. She’s heard at least one terrifying birth story from a well meaning friend, she’s wondering if she will be able to handle the pain of labor . . . she’s questioning if she will lose control . . . what if there are complications . . . what if the head is too big . . .on and on. The fear around the birth, unfortunately, is never ending.

To this mother-to-be I say, “If you want to feel good about the birth process, if you want an honest education packed with priceless information, if you want to be in control of yourself – calm, relaxed and confident at your birth, then Hypnobabies is the class for you. You don’t have to be afraid. Hypnobabies teaches you how to stay in the moment during your birth in complete comfort. It teaches you how to set up a birth team, and gives you step-by-step instructions on what you can do when your labor begins. It also teaches your partner how to take care of you, support you and love you throughout your labor.


Woman of Steel

The second type of woman believes she is strong enough to handle the pain of birth because she has a high pain tolerance. She plans on having a natural birth, but if things should go awry she leaves her options open knowing that the epidural is there for her should she choose to avail herself of one.

To this woman of steel I say, “Why be strong like a man when you can be soft like a woman? Why not chose to birth your baby in calm, peace and comfort by setting yourself up for a gentle, loving birth? A birth that is safe and mindful of mommy and baby’s needs? Don’t work harder, work smarter! Here at Making Better Choices we are all about educating pregnant couples on better choices. Make the best choice for you and your family. Take a Hypnobabies class and be amazed by all that we teach you!


VBAC to the Future

The third type of woman has already birthed a child. During that birth things unexpectedly took a turn for the worse. She feels robbed of her birth experience. She cries a lot, wondering if things could have been different for her and the baby.

To this beautiful spirit I say, “ Yes, you deserve to have a safe, loving and gentle birth experience. There is a very good chance you can have a VBAC if you had a prior cesarean. You too can deliver your baby naturally and safely- in complete comfort and joy! Take a Hypnobabies class!”



The fourth type of woman has a friend who took a Hypnobabies class. That friend had such a wonderful experience, this mother-to-be now knows that she can have one as well.

To this Soul Sista I say, “Welcome to Hypnobabies! Let’s do this.”

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